Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Improved Visibility, Improved Safety

Without light, we cannot see. And when we cannot see, the likelihood of an injury escalates dramatically. Place landscape lighting in all of the areas that people frequently walk: paths, stairs, patios, decks, gardens, pools, entryways, driveways, etc. When you illuminate these areas and increase visibility, you prevent the likelihood of an accident. This is especially important for older people, whose health could be put in serious jeopardy by a simple fall.

Boost Your Curb Appeal

What’s the first thing a buyer sees when shopping for a new home? The yard and the home’s exterior, of course! Attractive landscape lighting that is strategically placed can greatly improve your home’s curb appeal. It creates a good first impression and will make your home appear warm and inviting.

Scare Away Thieves and Criminals

Criminals are known to wear black clothing and lurk in the darkness, and they target homes that can be easily entered. To discourage theft and trespassing, illuminate your yard. You could even install motion-activated light detectors to frighten away criminals. Plus, a well-lit yard creates a feeling of security, which your family and friends will appreciate.

Undeniably Beautiful

Landscape lighting can add beauty to your yard in a variety of ways. First, assuming the appliances are visible (as opposed to hiding in the bushes), you might choose very stylish fixtures. Second, the lighting itself can add charm and beauty. Third, lighting can be used to highlight other features of your outdoor decor and home exterior. You could shine a spotlight on your entryway, beam lights onto a fountain, or set lights in a garden to make the flowers glow.


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Kevin Barraco