How to Protect Your Lawn from Dog Urine

Potty-train your pup.
Help your dog to help your lawn! When you take your pet outside to relieve herself, keep her on a leash so you can control where she goes. Train her to urinate in one area of the yard, perhaps one where there isn’t much traffic and isn’t as easily seen. 

Check your dog’s water.
When dog urine is concentrated with nitrogen, it’s more likely to burn your lawn. The more water your pooch drinks, the more diluted it will be, helping to prevent the burn. Make sure your dog is getting plenty of water every day, for the sake of both your lawn and your furry friend’s health!

Once your pooch does his business, water the area.
Flushing the area with water will also help dilute the urine and prevent brown spots. You don’t need to spend too much time on this—just a quick dousing after your pet goes. That said, be sure you’re keeping up on your regular watering, too.

Don’t fertilize when you notice a brown spot.
It may sound tempting to “feed” your burnt-looking lawn when you notice damage, but it will, in fact, harm your grass, rather than help. Also high in nitrogen, fertilizer will put even more stress on a brown spot and make it difficult to bring back to life. If you do notice a brown patch and frequent watering hasn’t helped, you may need to reseed.


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Kevin Barraco