Paver Patio Maintenance

Your new paver patio is a work of art, but how long will it last? Solid installation techniques and quality products are key, but even then, you will inevitably run into some maintenance conundrums as the years go by. As weather, foot traffic, and nature take their toll on the patio, you might notice some pavers shifting, cracking, or discoloring.  Things you can do to keep your paver patio in good shape.

Paver Patio Maintenance Tips

  1. Clean your pavers regularly. You can easily hose your patio down or sweep it to remove excess dirt and debris. For a more thorough clean, try a pressure washer, but avoid targeting the joints with a strong spray as this can disrupt the sand. Also, if you notice any spots or stains, remove them as soon as you can (when they’ll be easiest to scrub away). Water, soap, and a scrubbing brush will usually do the trick.
  2. Need to replace a brick? Brick patios are usually quite easy to repair, so long as you keep a few spare bricks handy (grab some when the patio is installed). Simply pry out the old brick with a screw driver, cut off about 1/8-inch of the new brick, and nestle it into place. If it still doesn’t fit in, trim off more, bit by bit, until it does. After that, you just need to re-sand it.
  3. Remove weeds promptly. Weeds sometimes grow between pavers, but they are unattractive and can be frustrating if they spread and grow. Get rid of emerging weeds before they have time to settle in between the pavers by simply pulling them out with your hands. You could also apply a mild herbicide.
  4. Consider sealing your paver patio. If you want to keep your patio looking like new, you might want to apply a sealant. They’re available in both matte and glossy finishes, and they can protect your pavers from water, oil, sunlight, and stains. You will need to reseal the pavers every 2-4 years.


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Kevin Barraco