Summer Lawn Care

It is official! It is summer. This is the time of year your lawn loves! Lots of sun and heat! As most of you know, your lawn is actively growing during the summer. This is why you are mowing every 5-7 days on average to keep your lawn looking nice and tidy. The typical lawn types in the local area are St Augustine, Centipede and Bermuda. All three have different care regiments.

St. Augustine - This shade tolerant grass needs to be maintained at 3-4" high. Keep it cut higher during drought conditions. After your typical spring feeding, a summer fertilization with lawn food plus iron will help it stay green and lush throughout the summer time.

Centipede - This sun loving grass needs to be maintained at 1.5-2" high. Also keep it on the higher end during drought. Centipede is not a grass that responds well to over feeding. If you fed during spring, do not feed till fall. If not, then go ahead with a specific centipede labeled fertilizer making sure you water it in.

Bermuda - This true sun loving grass can be maintained at 1".   With this fast growing lawn, feeding it is needed to keep it healthy, but remember you may need to cut it every 5 days to keep it looking good. The use of lawn food plus iron will give it a healthy green color and the energy it needs during the growing season.

Weeds in lawns can be difficult during the summer. The most effective sprays that kill weeds but not the lawn (such as Weed Free Zone) will work up to 89 degrees without harming your lawn. Above 90 will damage parts of your lawn. So look for those windows in the weather under 90 for the high, and get out early in the day to spray.

Bermuda and Centipede will tolerate less water than St Augustine, but all lawns prefer 1" of water per week. We typically get enough rain to cover that, but there have been times where watering the lawn has become necessary to keep it alive.

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Kevin Barraco