Why Mulching Is Important

When you picture a pristine garden, you likely imagine flowerbeds surrounded by mulch with a uniform finish and crisp edges. Mulch is a beneficial material that is spread around or over a plant. However, mulching isn’t just a gardening technique used to provide an attractive and tidy finish. Wondering why mulching is important? 


Mulch helps roots survive by insulating them. Mulch is typically applied in the spring to prepare for sweltering summertime and in the fall to prepare for wintertime. In hot weather, mulch prevents sunlight from directly hitting the soil (which would increase the roots’ temperature and decrease moisture). In cold weather, it acts like a coat, shielding the freezing air from the growing roots. Finally, it also protects the soil from wind.


As we’ve already mentioned briefly, mulch acts as a barrier between the soil and the sun, preventing harsh sunlight from evaporating the soil’s moisture. Because of this water retention, you won’t have to water your plants as frequently. Mulch can slow and spread water as well, so that the soil absorbs it at a manageable rate.


A layer of mulch will reduce the growth of weeds, stifling their growth by preventing their access to sunlight. Plus, those weeds that do have the strength to poke through will be easy to pull out due to the moistness of the soil.


Mulch can add nutrients to the soil, creating a healthier environment for plantings. As it decomposes, it composts and enriches the soil. If this is an important gardening goal for you, choose your mulch carefully, as it comes in many different varieties.


When a wide layer of mulch surrounds a garden, shrub, or tree, there isn’t any reason to mow close to the plant. In this way, mulch prevents damage to plants caused by lawn equipment. It’s like a buffer zone, separating vulnerable plants from destructive lawn mowers and weed whackers. Mulch can also provide a bit of protection from birds, who are known to steal and eat seeds.


As we mentioned at the start, mulch is known for its ability to provide beauty and uniformity to landscaping features. It can make an old plant look fresh and newly planted, and it brings a tidiness, precision, and elegance to landscaping.


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Kevin Barraco